Watch a 16-year-old win the Tetris World Championships

Watch a 16 year old win the Tetris World Championships

At around 170 million copies sold, Tetris is the best-selling game of all time. Of all the millions of people who’ve played Tetris, only one can be the best. At the recent Classic Tetris World Championship, Joseph Saelee established himself as the best Tetris player in the world. It’s worth noting, however, that Saelee is only 16 years old, only a third of the age of the iconic puzzle game. Watch Saelee’s victory below:

Saelee plays the game on the NES, and has only been playing since watching the 2016 championships. He plays exclusively using CRT TV’s, which are those ginormous clunky box TVs everyone had before flatscreens existed. The reason for this is that retro consoles like the NES often have latency (lag between pushing a button and something happening onscreen) when used with HDTVs.

Saelee has said that he believes he can improve even further and that he’s going to compete in next year’s championship!


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