Watch a new trailer for Total War: Rome II

Watch a new trailer for Total War: Rome II

Creative Assembly’s Total War: ROME II has a new video, ‘Find a Way‘. It shows us the impressive scope of the campaign map, and the incredible detail of the game.

Find a Way shows us the many ways you can play the game using great military mind Hannibal as an example. As we hear Romans discussing the various ways Hannibal might attack, we fly in and out of the Mediterranean Sea in a way reminiscent of the Game of Thrones opening credits.

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Our resident Total War expert Rutger Uittenbogaard got to play the game back in June at E3 in Los Angeles, and was very impressed. He says,

‘It is more immense and detailed than any other Total War game before, and war has never been so much fun.’

Total War: ROME II is due out in just over a month, on September 3rd for Windows PCs. We’ll have plenty more coverage and a full review as the release gets closer.

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