Watch Apple’s new machine that can take apart 200 iPhones an hour

Watch Apple’s new machine that can take apart 200 iPhones an hour

Smartphones are amazing things that can do a mind-blowing number of useful tasks. From simple calls and text messages to augmenting reality via unlimited access to all the information in the world. All this functionality comes at a cost, however. We have to fork out hundreds of dollars if we want the latest handset, but there is also a heavy ecological cost. Inside our smartphones are all sorts of rare elements that come from mines all over the world.

Having recently announced that all Apple headquarters around the world are now powered by sustainable energy, Apple wants to go further for Earth Day. In a recent blog post, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives introduced us to Daisy, Apple’s new iPhone recycling machine:

“At Apple, we’re constantly working toward smart solutions to address climate change and conserve our planet’s precious resources… In recognition of Earth Day, we are making it as simple as possible for our customers to recycle devices and do something good for the planet through Apple GiveBack. We’re also thrilled to introduce Daisy to the world, as she represents what’s possible when innovation and conservation meet.”

Video via: Apple Newsroom

Daisy is Apple’s newest disassembly robot and was built using parts of Apple’s last disassembly robot, Liam. “Daisy is made from some of Liam’s parts and is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone and sorting their high-quality components for recycling. Daisy can take apart up to 200 iPhone devices per hour, removing and sorting components, so that Apple can recover materials that traditional recyclers can’t.”

Image via: Apple Newsroom

Apple GiveBack offers owners of eligible Apple devices credit for trading them in. They can put that credit towards an in-store purchase or even store it on an Apple Store Gift Card for later use.  Anybody wanting to trade in their device can do so at any Apple Store or via Apple’s website. For every phone turned in before April 30, Apple will make a donation to Conservation International, which works to preserve and protect the environment.

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