Watch HBO media from your phone with HBO GO

Watch HBO media from your phone with HBO GO

First there was Hulu Desktop. Then Hulu Plus and Crackle let avid media fans watch their favorite shows right from their mobile devices. These services are somewhat limited though and what’s a fan of HBO shows and movies to do?

HBO GO fills the gap for smartphone users who just have to be able to watch media while on the move. You can watch over 1400 of your favorite HBO movies, television shows, sports and more, all from the comfort of your mobile device. As long as you have a wifi or 3G or higher connection you’re good to go.

The HBO GO app is free. It can be used on Android and iPhone devices and also online, but in order to actually watch the content you have to be a paid HBO subscriber. Much like Queued for Netflix, HBO GO lets you add media to a watchlist for later viewing. You can also use its season pass feature to ensure you never miss another episode of your favorite HBO TV shows again.

HBO GO is only accessible to users in the US. Just the same, it’s a great free supplement to those who already have an HBO subscription or even those considering a subscription. One thing’s for sure – you’ll definitely never get bored the next time you have to hop on public transportation with HBO GO in hand!

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