Watch in real time how computer viruses spread across the globe

Have you ever asked yourself how many computers in the world are infected with a virus right this minute? The answer can be found on this new real time map that allows you to see all the infected computers that are attempting to communicate with the hackers who created the original malware.

Obviously, in reality, we can’t see the malware – what we can see are the “traps” that the security company SecurityStorecard (the creators of the map) has set, in order to detect when a virus wants to communicate with its creators.

Each point on the map represents a detected virus taking place at this very moment in time. You can see the types of malware that are “taking over”, and also get a clear idea of which countries are the most infected.

It’s not Netflix, but watching computer viruses spread across the globe is strangely intriguing – let’s just hope you don’t spot your own computer up there.

Source: IBTimes

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