Watch: Mario Kart VR looks INTENSE

For more than 25 years, gamers have been able to race one another in various versions of Mario Kart. But if we add virtual reality to the mix, Mario Kart looks like the most fun humans can possibly have. Check this out.

In addition to the VR headset, gamers sit in a cart that moves around to complete the sensory experience. This video was shot at VR Zone in Osaka, Japan. And we need to book a flight there immediately.

While we’re in Osaka (or Tokyo or Okinawa), we can also sign up for a real-life tour of the city in go-karts as we’re dressed like the Mario crew.

It’s probably frowned upon to whip turtle shells at fellow drivers in the real-life go-karts, you can do it all day long in the VR world. Man, what a time to be alive!


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