Watch the Goat Simulator launch trailer

Goat Simulator is released for Windows PCs on April 1st, and you can now see its launch trailer, which is an hilarious parody of the impressive Dead Island reveal trailer from 2011. Watch both below.

Goat Simulator started life as little more than an experiment, but has been developed into a full game since footage of it went viral on YouTube. The 1st Alpha Gameplay video has over three million views. We don’t know a great deal about the game except that you’ll play a goat, and destroying things seems to be the point. It will have a low gravity facility, a water park, a breakable Stone Henge and an exploding gas station which features in the launch trailer.

The trailer uses slow motion reverse footage, parodying the technique used for the reveal trailer of zombie survival game Dead Island.

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You can pre-order Goat Simulator on Steam.


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