Water games for your PC

Water games for your PC

Lounge by the pool while you can, ’cause summer is almost finished. If you already fear the return to normal life we can help you ease the comedown with a few lively water games for your computer.

Diver: Deep Water Adventures is a classic simulation game where you’ll have to earn your living as a pro diver, exploring different ocean floors, taking photos, going treasure hunting or neutralizing rusty sea mines from WW II. Fish Tales will make you feel just like Nemo, as you impersonate Sunny, a tropical fish looking to defeat the ruthless Shark King. Those of you who enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean series on the big screen will take to Pirates: Battle for the Carribean. This game, part strategy, part action, pits you against other buccaneers in a fight to rule the seas. Last but not least, Aquapack Battle Boattle is a classic little naval shooter with fast action and smooth animation.

For more intense gamers, we recommend the newly released sci-fi thriller Bioshock, which is set in a gloomy underwater world and where you’ll attempt to survive by hunting for a DNA-altering substance. Check out the trailer for more info, but beware, it does include some pretty violent scenes:


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