Have you tried Waze Carpool? It just got better

Waze carpool feature

With all the new tools that are being added to Waze, it’s about time we got a decent carpooling option!

You may know Waze as that app Google bought a while back. It has since been taking features from to bolster Google Maps. Google is clear that Google Maps is still its flagship navigation program but understands that Waze offers something different enough to Maps to warrant a spot of its own in the Google Play Store.

Waze is a community-based navigation app. The mapping data shows us where we are and where we’re going. Also, Waze asks its users to tell each other what is going on during their journeys and then uses all that data to improve the routing options it offers. It now even tells users about upcoming toll prices. When Google recently added crowd-sourced speed trap alerts to Google Maps, the feature came from Waze, which had had it for years.

With Waze being built upon its community it will probably come as no surprise that the company has been dabbling with carpools for years now. Carpools are like the ultimate form of commuting community as it can help save time, money, and the environment. The Waze Carpool app first hit the scene in Israel back in 2015 and came to the U.S. last year. It is also available in Brazil and Mexico. The app has always been a little limited, however, with potential carpools being limited to two app users. This has now finally been expanded, turning Waze Carpool into a more complete ride-sharing app.

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Waze now lets you add up to four other carpool riders to your journey

To use the Waze carpooling feature, you need to add your daily routine and schedule to the app. This way you have a number of set routes and rides that the app knows you’re likely to make. Then, each day when you confirm the rides you’ll actually be taking that day, the app will match you up with other users who are looking to make similar journeys.

You’ll be able to see how much extra time they’ll add to your journey and how much money you’ll be able to collect off them for adding them to your carpool. You can find all the details for signing up to Waze Carpool here.

Waze carpool
Source: Waze

The carpooling feature has just been boosted from two riders to four. This means you can now add up to four riders to your pool, potentially boosting the amount of money you can take per journey and even opening up the more express HOV 3+ carpool lanes.

Waze makes it clear in the blog post announcing the bump up to four riders, however, that Waze Carpooling is not supposed to be a moneymaker. It isn’t another Uber or Lyft. All prices added to carpooling journeys are adjusted so that they don’t exceed the price of the gas the journey needs or general wear and tear to the vehicle.

If you’re looking for help with your daily gas money, a bit of company during your daily commute, or just want to do your bit for the environment Waze Carpool could be the app for you.

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