We already have the release date for Avatar 3 in theaters

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We already have the release date for Avatar 3 in theaters
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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After the overwhelming reception of Avatar 2: The Way of Water in cinemas, it’s normal for James Cameron to be immersed in its direct sequel, Avatar 3, which doesn’t have a definitive title yet but does have an official release date.


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James Cameron states that he’ll spend more time in post-production on Avatar 3 than most directors do on an entire film. This isn’t good or bad, it simply underscores that the movie entails more special effects than almost any film in cinematic history.

During a recent breakfast interview with the public network TV New Zealand, the Oscar-winning director, based in Wellington, mentioned about the sequel: ‘Right now, we’re deep into two very busy years of post-production, so it’ll be Christmas ’25.’

The upcoming movies will be filmed in New Zealand, like The Lord of the Rings

Cameron, who has worked for years at WETA Digital, Peter Jackson’s company based in Wellington, claims he wants to shoot all his movies in New Zealand in the future and hopes to become a citizen of the southern islands next year. The significant tax advantages will be the main reason, we understand.

The screenwriter and director Cameron stated to Entertainment Weekly at the end of 2022 that he filmed scenes for Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 concurrently with the first sequel, which grossed over $2 billion.

He did this to prevent the younger cast members from aging, using Netflix’s Stranger Things as an example of the time passage issue. It also proved prudent given the SAG-AFTRA strike this year.

While attending the Critics Choice Awards earlier this year, Cameron dropped some hints about what fans could expect from Avatar 3, revealing that the fire element would be introduced along with two new cultures.

The five Avatar movies are set to become an even more complex and lengthy work than the pyramids of Egypt; surely our descendants will study them with curiosity and disbelief.

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