Weather the storm with these weather apps

Weather the storm with these weather apps

Predicting the weather has become a lot easier with the number of apps available that claim to give you the most accurate weather forecasts out there. But of course, some are bound to be more accurate than others. If you’d rather check the weather online before stepping out your door, we have some iOS and Android apps (aside from the built-ins), as well as some desktop widgets, that’ll help you weather the storm of weather prediction.


Accuweather on Android


It’s not uncommon for people to use Accuweather on the web, and the Android app mirrors the same functions, giving current weather and upcoming forecasts. It supports worldwide locations so that you’re not locked into one area. Accuweather provides a lot of information and even includes a satellite map so that you can see incoming weather conditions.

WeatherBug for Android


While Accuweather tracks points of interest, WeatherBug detects your current location to give you updated information. It shows all the important relevant information about the weather in your area and even goes into specifics like dew point and humidity. With additional support for storing locations and video reports, it’s an app with a good feature set.


The Weather Channel on iOS

The Weather Channel

Arguably one of the most recognized sources for weather, the app provides in-depth weather reports with live radar and a collection of free videos from The Weather Channel. In the “Local” section of the app, you can see current conditions, 36 hour forecast, or a 10 day forecast. Like most people, the 10 day forecast should be taken as potential weather because it could change dramatically.

Yahoo! Weather on iOS

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather is the meeting point between art and weather. The monitored locations are represented by photographs of cityscapes or notable landmarks. New York City, for example, is represented by the Manhattan skyline, while Paris displays Montmartre, a famous area of the city. You can get more information by scrolling down, and while graphics are minimalist, the interface is easy to use and understand. You’ll also find the weather for the week, real and perceived temperature, humidity, visibility, precipitation, pressure and wind, the sun and moon phases, and a map of the area.


HTC Home for Windows

HTC Home for Windows

This is a widget for Windows 7 that emulates the homescreen of an HTC smartphone. The graphics are really nice, and it looks good on any desktop. A clock-style calendar takes center stage, which is partially covered by a graphical representation of the real time weather conditions. At a glance, you’ll see what the weather’s expected to do over the next four days, including expected minimum and maximum temperatures. From the Settings menu, you can decide whether to enable animations and the five-day forecast, lock the widget to the edge of your computer screen, and even change the size of the widget itself.

Meteo Fusion on Windows

Meteo Fusion

Meteo Fusion is another widget, but is graphically less elaborate than the last. Clicking on the icon gives you the real and perceived temperature, the direction and strength of the wind, and the weather for the next five days. The program menu may be sparse in appearance, but it’s pretty full when it comes to functions; from there, you can check the 10 day forecast with maximum and minimum temperatures. Clicking on one of the dates in the future will give you more detail: the direction and strength of the wind, chance of precipitation and maximum humidity. The weather data is taken, by defeault, from

Which weather app do you rely on for checking the weather?

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