Web apps for hard-working students

Elena Santos


Web apps for studentsWe’re already half-way through September and classes have started in the majority of schools and colleges worldwide. We know this is not precisely your favorite time of the year: you’d rather be still sunbathing on the beach than desperately trying to stay awake during your 8 AM Philosophy lesson.

This is why we’ve done a little research and come up with a bunch of online tools that can hopefully make your student life a bit easier.

  • First of all, grab hold of a calendar tool like HipCal or CalendarHub to organize your class schedule, set deadlines and mark other important dates
  • Taking notes in class is crucial to pass your finals. NoteMesh and Notesake are two good alternatives to the traditional notepad
  • After class, reorganize your thoughts by creating a mindmap in or highlighting important ideas in your online docs with i-Lighter
  • Got a paper due soon? Use Google, Wikipedia or even Yahoo! Answers to do some research, then jot your findings down with Clipmark
  • When it’s time to actually write a paper, you can use the traditional Google Docs word processor or some other great options like the Zoho and Ajax13 suites
  • Finally, there are also interesting online tools for your maths class: Calcoolate can do functions and e-Tutor Graphing can even draw graphs

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