What can I do with my tablet: cook

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In our Android Tablet Series, we show you how to exploit the full potential of your device. In this installment, we’ll take a look at how you can transform your tablet into the perfect kitchen assistant.

Your tablet is light and portable and easy to use anywhere, making it perfect for watching movies in bed, reading books on the train, or as a GPS for your car when you’re out.

What can I do with my tablet: cook

But if there’s place where you can really take advantage of your tablet, it’s in the kitchen. Not only is it small and lightweight, it can be used for a ton of different functions, including a timer, a way to search for new dishes, as a cookbook, to find out how many calories there are in your meal, to make sure that the food you’ve got in the refrigerator doesn’t go bad, or even to create new exotic cocktails.

Here, we’ll go through the best apps for turning your tablet into a really useful kitchen companion.

Kitchen Timer: keep an eye on the stove

Kitchen TimerThe first thing you should do is equip yourself with a tool to keep an eye on the food you’ve got in the oven, because a dish that’s overcooked, or even worse, burnt, is perhaps the worst thing that can happen in the kitchen. Kitchen Timer lets you to set the countdown for as many as 5 stove tops and the oven at the same time. With this app, no pot can escape your watch!

Download Kitchen Time for Android

Set the time with Kitchen Timer

Allthecooks Recipes: a source of inspiration

Allthecooks Recipes

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook, a recipe book is a must in the kitchen. Allthecooks Recipes is an app with a huge database of recipes sorted by course, from appetizers all the way to desserts. It also has a section with dishes for special diets, such as diabetics, infants, gluten-free and vegetarian options. In the app, there’s a forum to talk about food and health, as well as the option to bookmark recipes, and a section for creating your shopping list.

Download Allthecooks Recipes for Android

Get creative with Allthecooks Recipes

My CookBook: all your recipes on your tablet

My CookBook

An app for discovering new recipes is important, but being able to save the ones you like, or even create your own personal favorites, is crucial when it comes to improving your skills in the kitchen. My CookBook allows you to have your recipe book on your tablet, creating a database of your specialties. You can create shopping lists from the ingredients in the meals you want to prepare, sync recipes across various devices, and have the app read the recipe aloud using the speech synthesizer.

Download My CookBook for Android

My CookBook

Cooking Conversions: don’t forget to measure!

Cooking ConversionsNot everyone is a mathematician, and having to do calculations for the number of people you’re serving, or from one unit of measurement to another, is probably the last thing you want to do in the kitchen. For a quick calculation of how much of an ingredient to use or to convert units of measurement, there’s Cooking Conversions, an app that also gives you substitute suggestions for many ingredients.

Download Cooking Conversions for Android

Cooking Conversion for Android

Best Before: don’t throw anything away!

Best BeforeEven those who have a small fridge are in danger of forgetting about food. Best Before is an app that monitors the freshness of your stored food, and lets you know when a product is about to expire. Take a picture when you buy the product, set an expiration date and say goodbye to wasting food.

Download Best Before for Android

Best Before helps you stop wasting food

Recipes by Ingredients: improvised dishes

Recipes by Ingredients

You haven’t had dinner at home for three days in a row and, suddenly, half the food in your fridge is about to expire. No problem – with Recipes by Ingredients, you can find recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand. Put them in the search bar, add any allergies or food preferences, and filter the search results for calories and any other factor you want to consider.

Download Recipes by Ingredients for Android

Recipes by Ingredients

My Cocktail Bar Drink Recipes: a drink after eating

My Cocktail Bar Drink Recipes

After an amazing meal, sometimes the only thing that will do is a quality drink. Unless you’re a bartender, you probably won’t remember how to make a sex on the beach or a pina colada; My Drink Recipes Cocktail Bar is the final touch to make your meal a great success. Again, if you don’t have a wine cellar in the house, just enter the alcohol and mixers you have available, and the app gives you a list of cocktails that you can make.

Download My Cocktail Bar Drink Recipes

Find out what you can make from what you've got

Noom: keep the calories under control too!

NoomCalculating the number of calories contained in your food isn’t that difficult, and other apps like Allthecook Recipes let you know how much “energy” is on your plate. But, if you want to keep track of all the calories you consume, as well as those that you burn off, there’s Noom, an essential app for anyone who wants the skill of a great chef, but not the size!

Download Noom for Android

Calculate calories in and out with Noom

Your tablet is more than just a sous-chef with a great memory

With a series of apps, you can turn your Android device into your personal kitchen assistant. The apps in this article are only suggestions, because there are plenty of Android applications for cooking, but the more you become a tablet expert in the kitchen, the more you can discover for yourself.

Like we’ve shown in our Android Tablet Series, your tablet isn’t limited to cooking. You can do many things, and in the next installment, we’ll show you how to turn your tablet into a stereo, with the best apps for music, and an almost infinite catalog of songs and artists.

Have you tried cooking with your tablet?

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