What can I do with my tablet: train your brain

What can I do with my tablet: train your brain

In this installment of What can I do with my tablet?, we’ll see how you can train your mind with games, keeping your brain active while also having fun.

A tablet can be useful for lots of things, from serious stuff like working and reading, to more idle pursuits such as watching movies or listening to music. Let¡s face it though– one of the most common uses of any Android device is playing games.

There are lots of titles you can download to your tablet, enough to spend entire days trying them out. You might, however, want to take advantage of those moments of downtime to train your brain while having fun, with the right games of course. Let’s see what the best brain training games are for Android tablets.

*Not sure if your tablet is Android? Read our article where we explain how to recognize the operating system on your tablet.

Pure mental training

Fit Brains Trainer

A sound mind in a sound body, as the saying goes, is all well and good, but if the brain is an organ, then it too needs daily exercise. This is the premise of Fit Brains Trainer, an app that keeps track of your progress and your brain training, just like any other fitness app. It includes lots of very challenging games, each one dedicated to training a particular skill.

Coach memory! Brain trainer

Coach memory! Brain trainer offers you several games to keep your brain in shape in different areas, each one with its own specific games. You can train your memory, attention, speed, ability to solve problems, as well as your flexibility, by playing entertaining games that are also really challenging.

Puzzle games and brain teasers

Pudding Monsters

From the same authors as the legendary Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a game involving cute pudding monsters that need to be stuck together without losing any pieces on the street. The game requires you to solve increasingly difficult problems as you progress, but the satisfaction you get will increase too.

World of Goo

The World of Goo is populated by strange gelatinous beings. Here, rather than simply merging them, you have to build structures to rescue the Goo. To do so, you have to use the same beings that you’re trying to save. The methods you can use vary from level to level, and as the game progresses, the Goo will gain different physical properties.

Quell Reflect+

To be compelling, a game doesn’t necessarily have to have elaborate graphics and complex mechanics; Quell Reflect+ is proof of this. In a world of geometric mazes, you have to drag a droplet of rain through the level and collect the pearls along the way in the fewest possible moves. Sounds easy? Get ready to baffle your brain.

Puzzles and Logic


Combining multiples of three isn’t as simple as it might seem. Threes! is similar to the viral game 2048, where you have to move tiles, combine numbers and achieve the highest score possible. Being mechanically simple, it’s really easy to just jump into a game. In theory, you’re just looking for the highest possible multiple of three.


In the same vein as games like Trivial Pursuit, QuizDuello is a quiz which poses general knowledge questions. In this version, you play against another person online in the best of six rounds, each of which has three questions. It’s useful for remembering facts, dates, and concepts learned in school, but above all, it’s useful for training your mental reflexes.


We couldn’t leave out the classic Japanese numbers game, Sudoku. This version has a whopping 500 different puzzles and five levels of difficulty. The app also keeps track of the time it takes to solve each table, and is suitable for beginners as well, thanks to a helpful feature that provides assistance in case you get stuck.

Train your mind while you relax

If you’re using your tablet, you can play these games, all of them genuinely entertaining, to train your brain. From specific apps specifically for that purpose, to puzzles and brain teasers, installing and using these games will give you a mind gym at your fingertips.

In the next installment, we’ll take a look at the apps that we can use to talk to and get in touch with people, both near and far.

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