What do you love, asks Google

Gmail, Reader, Calendar, Search, YouTube, Trends, TranslateGoogle offers so many services it’s difficult to remember them all – which means you may be missing something when searching for information on a particular subject. Well, not anymore! Google has now integrated all of its web services into one single page under a very poetic name:  What do you love?

In wdyl.com you’ll be able to perform a Google search in Google products about anything you’re interested in. So say that, like me, you’re crazy about muffins; just type “muffins” into the field and you’ll get the results of a search about muffins in Google Images, YouTube, News, Trends and other Google utilities, and also a bunch of shortcuts to create muffin-related entries in Google Alerts, Google Calendar and more.

What do you love? is not really a useful search tool in itself, but it helps you get a quick glimpse of a particular subject online, in various formats: documents, videos, images and more. It can also deliver quite funny results, depending on the search  terms you use and the way Google tries to link them to its multiple web services. In any case, well worth a try!

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