What happened to Fortnite’s ATK’s?

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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A short time ago, Fortnite’s beloved ATK’s suddenly disappeared for a short time, along with the faithful ol’ shopping carts! Personally, we didn’t get to see the glitch firsthand, so we found this awesome video by Easter Bunny Gaming that details the problem perfectly:

What happened to Fortnite’s ATK’s?

Partially, the ruckus surrounding the Kartgate conspiracy stemmed from concerned battle pass users. Just before the problem was discovered, a weekly challenge prompted gamers to jump through five flaming hoops, using an ATK or shopping cart. There was no way to finish the challenge, and Epic chose to fix the bug rather than give the challenge away for free, making a few players anxious.

If becoming this concerned over challenges seems crazy, remember that battle-pass users wouldn’t be able to get the special “Road Trip” skin, which goes to everyone who completes all challenges of seven full weeks. With no way to complete one of the weeks… the tryhards would have to wait until week eight! GASP!

But honestly who wants to wait another week to see the mystery skin? So exciting!

Luckily, the dev team pulled the stops to fix the bug, though there wasn’t much info for a while, except this message from MrPopoTFS, an Epic Games employee:

However, Fortnite fans can rest easy now! After a period of silence on the issue, Epic games delivered the necessary fix and vehicles are back in the game. Get back in the game and burn rubber to your heart’s content.

And on that note, remember to check out our guide on Golf Cart Combat!

Stay frosty out there!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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