What to expect from Photoshop CS5

What to expect from Photoshop CS5

After turning 20 only a few weeks ago, Photoshop is again in the news thanks to the upcoming release of the Adobe Creative Suite 5, today April 12th. Photoshop has certainly changed the way we approach photo editing and manipulation, providing us with excellent tools and breaking all possible boundaries to our creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible new features we’ll enjoy in Photoshop CS5:

New: PatchMatch

This is probably the biggest new tool in Photoshop CS5. While the previous version already included smart resizing tools, now the idea has been taken to the next level with content-aware filling and healing tools. This means that you’ll be able to clone certain elements on your image with a simple selection; Photoshop’s cloning algorithm will automatically search for similar samples around the selected area and blend them together to create highly realistic results. Say goodbye to repeated patterns!




Enhanced Refine Edge tool

The Refine Edge tool was introduced back in CS3 in order to make clear-cut mask selections quicker and easier. It seems that the Refine Edge dialog window in this new version of the Creative Suite is getting new features and options, which will hopefully help us create even more accurate selections, especially in complex areas such as hair or tree branches.



Colors and Brushes

The new Photoshop CS5 brings important enhancements and changes to the way we’re used to working with them. First of all, you’ll be able to use any image as a kind of color palette or template to paint. When you click any given color, it’ll spread as if it you were dipping an actual brush into wet paint. You can also mix up colors, just like in real life. The second great enhancement is also related to this ‘simulation of reality’ characteristic: an animated 3D brush preview will allow you to test different painting results depending on brush position, hand pressure, rotation and so on.



Puppet Warp

As you’ve already seen in the previous video, Photoshop CS5 includes a new warping technology that enables you to move, bend and change the position of selected areas in your images. Once you bring up the Warping tool and define a set of control points, bending objects or changing someone’s pose is as easy as dragging the selected element with the mouse.


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