What to watch on Amazon Prime this March

What to watch on Amazon Prime this March

Don’t miss out on hot new content from Amazon Prime this month. With an enticing blend of modern and classic titles, Amazon once again proves there’s more to life than Netflix. We’ve run through this month’s arrivals, and these are the top picks worth staying in for.

The best of Amazon Prime for March 2018

1. Sneaky Pete season 2

Created by Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, Sneaky Pete tells the story of Marius Josipović (played by Giovanni Ribisi), a recently-released convict who steals the identity of his cellmate (the titular Pete Murphy). Merging drama, comedy, and crime, the series follows Marius as he tries to blend in with his cellmate’s estranged family.

Season two continues as “Pete’s” past catches up with him, putting his life and those of his new family at stake. Loved by critics and audiences alike, Sneaky Pete is Amazon Prime at its best.

2. The Color of Magic season 1

Terry Pratchett’s famous Discworld novel comes to life in this miniseries starring Sean Astin and Sir David Jason. After burning down a hotel, incompetent wizard Rincewind (Jason) and insurance salesman Twoflower (Astin) flee across Discworld, pursued by power-hungry sorcerer Ymper Trymon (Tim Curry).

With talking luggage, flying turtles, and magical adventures, The Color of Magic is a fun-filled treat all the family will enjoy.

3. Breakdown

Kurt Russell stars in this 1997 thriller about a man searching for his missing wife.

Jeff and Amy Taylor are traveling through the desert when their car breaks down. Amy goes to get help, agreeing to meet at the next town, while Jeff stays with the car. But upon arriving at their scheduled meeting point, Amy doesn’t show.

What happens next is a gut-wrenching race against time as Jeff chases Amy’s trail, fighting dangerous locals and lying witnesses along the way.

4. 1984

John Hurt stars in this 1984 (coincidence?) film adaptation of the book by George Orwell.

Winston Smith lives in a dystopian nightmare, rewriting history books for “Big Brother” – a totalitarian government that inflicts the direst of punishments on anyone who disobeys or rebels against the world order. When a chance to challenge party authority appears, Winston is tempted, but can his “friends” be trusted?

In our age of fake news, election interference, and increasingly authoritarian governments, 1984 is as much a warning against fascism as a compelling piece of cinema.

5. Kingpin

In this hilarious comedy from the Farrelly brothers, a former bowling champion coaches a rising star with an unusual background. Woody Harrelson plays the charismatic champ, while Randy Quaid plays Ishmael, the talented yet innocent bowler keeping his skills a secret from his Amish family.

With two clashing personalities, a championship up for grabs, and a deliciously mischievous competitor played by Bill Murray, Kingpin is the ultimate underdog story.

That’s our roundup of the best from Amazon Prime in March. Keep an eye out next month for another selection of the best films and TV shows to enjoy.

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