What updates can we expect for WhatsApp?

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Patrick Devaney

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A new WhatsApp update has been added to the Google Play Beta program. The guys over at WABetaInfo have put together a little breakdown of what we can expect once the features being tested in the beta version get a wider rollout. There is still no Sticker availability but it looks like WhatsApp are working on a Double Sticker function for future updates. Other cool functions added via the new update include a Location Sticker, a Dismiss as Admin feature, and Priority Messages. Let’s take a look.

What updates can we expect for WhatsApp?
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Location Stickers allow you to add a signpost to your favorite places to your WhatsApp messages. There are two different styles of Location Stickers, which you can check out below.

Image Via: WABetaInfo

Dismiss as Admin is aimed at WhatsApp group messages. The new feature gives group admins the power to demote other admins without having to remove them from the group. Until now, kicking other admins out of the group entirely was the only way to remove their admin privileges. To dismiss an admin, hold your finger on their name in the group chat menu. The option should then pop up in the drop-down menu.

Image via: Gadgets 360

High Priority gives you more control over the push notifications. If you enable High Priority, then your incoming WhatsApp notifications will be pinned to the top of your notification center. This feature will only be available on phones with Android version 5.0 or higher. To enable High Priority, open Settings and then tap Notifications. High Priority should be at the top of the screen if you have the latest beta version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.

Are you a member of WhatsApp’s beta testing program? If you’d like to try out the latest WhatsApp features before everybody else gets their hands on them, you should give it a try. We’ll be posting a guide to accessing beta versions of apps, games, and programs soon, so remember to keep checking in with us.

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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