What’s the worst password of 2013?

Jonathan Riggall


Password Manager app maker SplashData has released a top ten worst passwords list, based on all the passwords that were exposed in hacks during the year. Much of the data cam from the infamous theft and publication of millions of Adobe passwords.

The most popular password in 2013 was ‘123456‘, which replaced ‘Password‘ as the previous winner of the ‘Worst Password’ award. The list of 25 common and easy to guess passwords is a catalog of how not to create a password. While you can never be 100% secure, using a password like ‘123456’ is dangerous.

What’s the worst password of 2013?

SplashData, and we agree, suggest users create complex passwords, and avoid using the same password across different services. 2013 was a big year for security scandals, but it seems some users have not yet learned to use difficult to guess passwords.


[Source: SplashData]

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