What’s wrong with cookies?

What’s wrong with cookies?

Keeping your computer running smoothly can be hard work, but there are lots of programs designed to clean up your PC, as well as protecting it from malicious attacks.

No one likes viruses, and I like being able to easily find duplicate files and make sure I haven’t picked up any spyware from anywhere. What I don’t understand is why most of the programs I use to do this highlight cookies as ‘threats’, even when they’re not.

Cookies can be malicious, but the majority are fine and actually make using the web a faster and more comfortable experience. Deleting all of your cookies will mean any sites you left preferences on will have forgotten them next time you visit, so why would you want to do it?

Presented with a long list of cookies, most people will have no idea which are good or not, and I have never used a program that helps. Claiming that all cookies are potentially risky is disingenuous at best, and makes people feel needlessly panicked.

So if you perform a security scan on your PC and all it finds are some ‘potentially risky’ cookies, don’t worry: unless you’ve visited some dangerous websites, your cookies will be fine, working to make your online life better!

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