WhatsApp Business: a glimpse of the paid version of WhatsApp

Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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We’ve long predicted that WhatsApp has been looking for ways to connect users to businesses, and it seems this is coming about with a new app: WhatsApp Business, a version of the app specifically for businesses.

After a lot of rumors, thanks to WaBetaInfo, we now know the details of this new app version, exclusively for professionals. The first thing to know is that it will be a paid version of the app, and it can be used on your phone in combination with the traditional WhatsApp app. So, if you have a business, you can use the regular app for personal use and the Business app to stay in touch with your clients.

WhatsApp Business: a glimpse of the paid version of WhatsApp


WhatsApp Business will help companies send messages via WhatsApp to their potential clients. These messages may be more advanced than classic WhatsApp messages and may include text, images, action items and also translation into different languages, all at once.

WhatsApp Business wants to position itself as an exclusive option for companies by offering quality information, not mere advertising. For example, it will allow banks to confirm our transactions or airlines we’re flying with to let us know of flight delays.

WhatsApp Business users can choose between two types of profiles: Verified and Unverified. Verified businesses will have a green badge next to their names and a verification symbol.

WhatsApp will require a lot of information from companies who want to register as Businesses and will carefully regulate the creation of Verified profiles.

For now, WhatsApp Business will start to roll out soon in emerging markets such as Brazil and India, countries where they’re also experimenting with a payment platform via WhatsApp.

Does the arrival of WhatsApp Business mean that individual WhatsApp users will start receiving unwanted messages from companies? Not at all: each user can choose if he/she wants to receive this type of business messaging, which will never be spam or unwanted advertising.

So, although WhatsApp will start earning money this way, it’s far from becoming an app overrun by ads

Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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