WhatsApp can help us to Free up Space on our Mobiles

WhatsApp can help us to Free up Space on our Mobiles

We all have mobile phones and away from all of the variation between different models and makes, we all share one thing in common. Sooner or later we run out of space. Everything we do these days takes up space on our phones but one of our most used apps can come to the rescue and help us clear out some space on our handsets. WhatsApp is here to help.

This new WhatsApp function can be found in settings and allows you to select a chat and delete all of its messages, contacts, locations, images, GIFs, documents and videos. All of that can add up to quite a bit of space so you could be able to free up quite a bit of space if you get rid of it all, especially from old messages and group chats.

Please bear in mind though, that for now this feature is only available for users of the Android version of WhatsApp and only for users who are using the beta version. If you’re not an Android beta user you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on this nifty little feature.

How to free up space using WhatsApp

1. Go to “Data and storage usage” in Settings


2. Select the chat you want to clean out

Once in storage usage, after a minute or two, a list of your messages and the amount of space they’re taking up will be listed. Select the message you want to clear out and you’ll see exactly what is being stored on the device and how much space it is taking up.


3. Delete the types of file you want to get rid of

If you click “Manage Message” you can select and unselect the types of files you want to delete. For example, if you want to delete only the videos from the message only select videos. Once you’ve done this click “Clear messages” and you’re away.


Bear in mind that once you’ve done this you’ll no longer be able to see the files in your chats as they’ll no longer be on your device. This is different than if you delete them from the WhatsApp folder on your phone because you’ll still be able to download them again if you do that.


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