WhatsApp for PC: are we closer than we thought?

WhatsApp for PC: are we closer than we thought?

Big news! It seems that very soon, we may be able to enjoy chatting with the world’s favorite messaging app straight from our desktops!  That’s right – WhatsApp is rumored to be creating a native WhatsApp app for Mac and Windows operating systems.


It was just last year when WhatsApp launched its web-based app, allowing users to chat from their browsers, which uses a QR code that users scan to access the app from their desktop. By introducing this new interface, users can gain quick and easy access to the messenger, which could eventually rival other popular platforms such as Slack and Skype.

So, where are we getting this information? Well, you guessed it – just the same as we get any new future features for the app – from the official translations page (which has never proved us wrong so far!).

Although there are a great deal of unofficial desktop alternatives for using the app from your computer, an official one (that presumably will boast the end-to-end encryption) will no doubt be a huge hit with users who value their privacy and data security.

Stay tuned for more updates

[UPDATE: WhatsApp for PC is finally available to download!]

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