WhatsApp free voice calls rolling out to Android now, other platforms coming soon

WhatsApp free voice calls rolling out to Android now, other platforms coming soon

Although it’s yet to be announced officially, Android users should find they can now make free voice calls with WhatsApp. You don’t need to update the app, as the change will happen automatically.

iOS users should get the feature within a couple of weeks, according to comments made at the recent Facebook F8 conference. And there has been no mention of Windows Phone or other platforms so far, but we’d assume the timing will be similar for all of them

From our own tests, it seems that currently you can only call other users using WhatsApp on Android. Calling an iPhone, we saw a message saying that the user needed to update their version of the app (which was fully up-to-date, see below). This probably explains why the update has not been announced properly – WhatsApp has always prided itself on being stable and cross platform: a feature that only works across one platform breaks this experience.

But the Android update shows us what it will look like: whereas previously you could tap call on a contact in WhatsApp to exit the app and make a normal call with your device, now you can make a call within the app itself. Voice calls with WhatsApp are available and only cost you the data you use.

WhatsApp has been teasing and testing this feature for months, but it really is nearly here for everyone now. Watch this space!

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