WhatsApp will make it easier to control annoying groups


WhatsApp groups are one of those things in life that you either love or hate. We’re not talking about the concept, we’re talking about individual groups. You either love them or you hate them. Some groups can be funny, informative, entertaining, a vital way to stay in contact with lots of people you love and care for, or a quick and easy way to find out important information.

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Other groups though, are different. The annoying groups send you too many notifications, offer little of value, or make you want to throw your phone at the wall. WhatsApp is now moving to help you stay on top of all those bad groups.

WhatsApp group invites update could let you reject invitations to new groups

The new Group Invitation System has been spotted in an upcoming beta version of WhatsApp for Android. A report by WABetaInfo claims that the feature will be available for all users of WhatsApp TestFlight beta program when it next updates. The report also claims that the feature will be coming to Android users too, although it doesn’t offer a time-frame on when that might happen. Although the feature isn’t available just yet, it looks like its development has come a long since WABetaInfo first mentioned something about it back in May last year.

The new Group Invitation system will work by giving all users the ability to control who can invite them into groups in the first place. By opening WhatsApp Settings and clicking Account, then Privacy, and Groups, users will come to the WhatsApp Group Invitation menu where they’ll be able to control who can and can’t add them to groups. There, users will find the following settings:

  • Everyone: the user can be always added in groups. No invites will be received.
  • My Contacts: the user can be always added in groups from his contacts. He will receive an invite to join a group from people not in his contacts list.
  • Nobody: the user cannot be directly added in groups, in any situation. He will receive a request every time someone wants to add him in a group.
WhatsApp Group Invitation screenshots
Image via: WABetaInfo

The key point here is that if somebody doesn’t have permission to add a user to groups, whenever they try, the user will receive an invite rather than being added automatically. The invite will remain active for 72 hours and after that, it will expire, and the invited user will no longer be able to join the group. The user will need to receive a new invite before they can then join the group and only one active invite per group will be permitted at a time.

When this feature does get a general roll-out the “Nobody” option will be best as it will always give you the chance to accept or decline an invitation to new groups. If you feel uncomfortable leaving groups you’ve been added to, this option will give you total control over the groups you join.

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