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WhatsApp: how to make stickers

For years WhatsApp has been growing and adding new and improved features for users to take advantage of. Some of these new features have been practical in nature like voice notes and improved WhatsApp Group features, but others have attempted to make the Facebook-owned app much more fun to use. Think about integrated GIF-sharing features for example.

Another fun feature that has been added to WhatsApp recently is stickers. WhatsApp stickers work a little like PNG images, with transparent backgrounds, that you can add to your WhatsApp chats. They can be of anything and will appear as any shape they need to be. Stickers don’t need to have a pre-defined frame around them for example. If your Sticker is a happy dinosaur or a shocked cup of coffee, that is what shape the sticker will be.

This what WhatsApp stickers look like

As you can imagine with the examples we’ve laid out above, WhatsApp stickers can be really whacky. In fact, there are no limits to what WhatsApp stickers can be because you can make your own. Let’s have a look then at how to download stickers for WhatsApp and then at how you can make your own WhatsApp stickers.

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Download and create WhatsApp stickers

How to download WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp stickers have come a long way since they first launched in 2018. WhatsApp has made it very easy to download new sticker packs via a sticker store that you can find right there in WhatsApp chats.

Download WhatsApp sticker packs

To download new sticker packs, open WhatsApp, then click on a chat, and after that hit the emoji smiley button to the left of the text bar. You’ll then see the stickers tab next to the GIF icon. Hit it to take you into your WhatsApp sticker management screen. To the top-right of this screen, you’ll see a button. Clicking this will take you to the WhatsApp sticker store where you can download new sticker packs.

How to make WhatsApp stickers

The best way we’ve found to make your own WhatsApp stickers is to use third-party WhatsApp sticker making apps. We’ve found a couple of great apps that offer simple ways to create stickers. Let’s take a look at them now.

Sticker Studio – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Sticker studio Whatsapp stickers DIY

The first app is called Sticker Studio and offers users a great way to create stickers out of any image. You can take any image you can find off the internet, an image you’ve made yourself, or even a photo you’ve taken using a camera and turn it into a WhatsApp sticker. Sticker Studio will bunch your homemade sticker creations into sticker packs, and you’ll need to create at least three stickers per pack before you can add the sticker pack to WhatsApp.

The good thing about Sticker Studio though, is that it is easy to use. To create a WhatsApp sticker using Sticker Studio you need to download and then launch the app. When you launch the app, you’ll see all your current projects, which are your active sticker packs.

Sticker studio WhatsApp sticker maker

You can either start a new project or click on an active project to continue where you left off. Click the + Add sticker button and then either Select the image you want to use from your gallery or Capture one using your phone’s camera. Once you have your image, turning it into a sticker is very easy. You simply resize the image and then draw around the part you want turning into a sticker. Once you’re done the background will magically disappear. Do this for at least three stickers, name the sticker pack, and then export it to WhatsApp. Easy Peasy.

You will, however, have to view ads at various points throughout the sticker pack creation process.

Sticker Studio Sticker Maker for WhatsApp Download now

WAStickerApps is a little fiddlier that Sticker Studio but it still offers an effective way to create custom WhatsApp stickers. The only thing, however, is that again you need to make sticker packs with WAStickerApps so you’ll need to have enough images ready to make at least three stickers before you’ll be able to add them to WhatsApp.


You add images to WAStickerApps the same you do on Sticker Studio. The difference here, however, is that rather than drawing a line around what you want to go into a sticker, you control a red dot that deletes everything it touches. This way you can erase the background and even get in there and erase the little fiddly bits that you can’t get to, using the Sticker Studio method. It is a little fiddlier but once you’re used to the method, it is more effective.

Once you’re done erasing the background you save your image and add it to the sticker pack. When you have at least three stickers you can then send the pack to WhatsApp.

Making stickers with PNG images

Another interesting feature of both Sticker Studio and WAStickerApps is that you can use them to very easily make stickers out of PNG files. As PNG files already have transparent backgrounds you can simply download them to your phone’s gallery, add them to WAStickerApps, and save them as stickers without having to mess around with erasing backgrounds, etc. As the internet has thousands of PNG images available, this is the easiest method by far to quickly make unique sticker packs for WhatsApp. All you have to do is search for the type of image you’re looking for and include PNG in the search term and away you go.

WhatsApp stickers

Wrapping up

We’ve walked you through how to download stickers using WhatsApp and also shown you two great apps for creating sticker packs on your Google Android or Apple iOS iPhone. The method we showed you for turning PNG images into stickers also opens up other sticker making possibilities. Using this method, not only can you turn PNG images you find online into stickers, but you can also easily turn any image you can create yourself into a WhatsApp sticker. This means, should you have any other desktop or mobile photo-editing software like Photoshop that you’re comfortable using to remove backgrounds you can use those apps and then simply send the images to the apps we’ve outlined above.

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