WhatsApp launches app for Mac and Windows PC: Get started right now

WhatsApp launches app for Mac and Windows PC: Get started right now

Our dreams of WhatsApp for Mac and PC have finally become true! The world’s favorite messaging service has just launched an official version compatible with Windows and Mac, meaning that you can now chat from your computer, without the worry of using something unofficial!

Here’s what you need to do to get started!

  1. Download and install the official WhatsApp programs for desktop macwindowsSimply follow the easy instructions on the webpage and start up the program from your computer.
  1. Connect your phone with you PC

Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile device and access the Web section, which can be found on the setup menu. You can find a full video tutorial here.

This will open the camera on your phone. Place your device in front of the QR code on your desktop in order for the app to register it.

  1. Enjoy using WhatsApp on your PC, but…

Congratulations! You have now activated WhatsApp on your PC, but be warned, this doesn’t mean that you can start using it independently, as you can with Line or Telegram. The WhatsApp PC version is a similar version of the WhatsApp web one, meaning that you must have your device connected (via Wi-Fi or data connection) in order to send and receive messages.


So, what are the advantages of using WhatsApp for PC?

Believe it or not, but WhatsApp fpr PC has some advantages over the mobile version:

-It’s more useful to send documents to your contacts you have stored on your PC as your internet connection on your computer is more likely to be much faster than on your device, therefore sending and receiving files shouldn’t take long at all!

-It’s easier to write longer texts without making those annoying typos. You’ll also no longer get infuriated with that damn-auto-correct!

-It’s extremely practical for managing and cleaning chats. How many times have you wanted to review or delete conversations, but couldn’t be bothered with the scrolling? Well now that you can scroll and click with a mouse makes this process much more efficient!

The Windows and Mac version of the app offers virtually the same features as the mobile version, including group creation and management, profile editing, voice notes and photo sending – it really doesn’t leave any room for the imagination.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out for youself right here:

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