WhatsApp Payments is now here

WhatsApp Payments is now here

The latest beta version of WhatsApp includes WhatsApp Payments, the user-to-user payment feature.

Just start up the new beta version and you’ll see a screen to accept the terms and conditions of this feature. If you accept, you can make peer-to-peer bank transfers.

Transfers are carried out through UPI, a company that has its own bank transfer app, UPI Money Transfer.

For now, we don’t know when WhatsApp Payments will arrive for the current version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp isn’t keen on giving specific dates: they’ll simply launch their new feature without making too much noise about it.

WhatsApp Payments isn’t a casual update. There are more and more apps for transferring money between friends and more and more social media networks and messaging systems that include this kind of feature.

If WhatsApp wants to continue being a leading app, they have no choice but to satisfy the public’s demands.

Will you use WhatsApp Payments when it launches for the current version? What other features would you like to have available?

Sources: Andro4All, TopesdeGama

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