WhatsApp Stickers get a huge boost on iOS

whatsapp stickers on iOS

It was January 2018 when we first told you that WhatsApp would be adding stickers to its chats. It took until October, however, for the feature to finally land on the app. When Stickers first arrived, they were pretty basic, but since then they’ve developed quite a bit getting a new search feature and you can also now make your own sticker sets from photos you’ve taken. It now looks like WhatsApp is planning on adding some new capabilities to the Stickers feature, for iOS users at least.

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Soon you’ll be able to use WhatsApp Stickers on images, videos, and GIFs

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS has shown a surprising new feature for WhatsApp Stickers. When the update hits the App Store, users may be able to put stickers onto any image, video, or GIF they send via WhatsApp. For example, if you want to put a location sticker onto a photo this new feature will enable you to do so.

Once the feature is live on your version of WhatsApp, it couldn’t be easier to use. When you select an image to send and then click on the emoji sign, you’ll be able to toggle between the Emoji and Sticker tabs. Clicking the Stickers tab will open up the different stickers options you have available on your version of WhatsApp. Once you’ve chosen your sticker, you’ll be able to resize it and move it around the image before sticking it down. For a simple to follow tutorial on how to create your own WhatsApp Sticker packs click the link below.

This update was spotted in the iOS beta version of WhatsApp by the guys over at WABetaInfo. There is no information yet about when we can expect to see this feature roll-out to all WhatsApp users, but at least we know it is on the horizon.

In other recent WhatsApp for iOS news, we’ve seen that a rather handy tool for the more private WhatsApp users out there is finally coming to iOS. The Reply Privately button has been available for Android users of WhatsApp for some time now. The feature allows you to respond privately to a group message by opening up a private chat, with the contact you’re replying to, and quoting the original message and group it came from. Thanks again to the guys at WABetaInfo, we can tell you that this feature is also being tested in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.

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