WhatsApp tests a new ‘vacation mode’

WhatsApp is one of the most useful applications we have. It can be a little distracting, though. This is especially true for people who are members of a lot of groups. It could be useful then for WhatsApp to add a mode that lets you take a break from certain groups whenever you like. Like, say, if you’re on a vacation from work.

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WhatsApp is testing a “Vacation Mode” for the iOS version of the app, similar to a feature already available on Android

WhatsApp’s new Vacation Mode works on archived messages and groups. Without Vacation Mode, all archived groups become un-archived whenever a new message is sent to group members. This means if you’re a member of a group at work, you’ll receive notifications for work messages even if you’re away from the office on your downtime. The new Vacation Mode solves this problem.

WhatsApp’s Vacation Mode stops archived groups and chats becoming un-archived whenever a message is sent. All messages will be added to the archived groups and chats and will wait there until you finally decide to un-archive the group. Vacation Mode can be used to silence work groups while you’re on vacation or to give yourself a break from emotionally taxing or annoying groups and chats that you don’t want to leave.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode
WhatsApp Vacation Mode means you won’t have to leave groups or chats to be able to ignore them

This is an important step by WhatsApp as it allows users to turn their back on messages from work. With chats and groups simply muted you still see the chat rise to the top of your inbox whenever you receive a message. Now, with Vacation Mode enabled, you won’t know if you’ve received a message from a group you want to ignore. Vacation Mode puts certain chats out of sight and out of mind, without the need to leave the groups and chats in question.

In France, it is forbidden for companies to send work-related messages to employees outside of work hours. This is because work emails and messages are hard to ignore and France has a strong and robust trade union movement. We don’t all live in France, but this latest WhatsApp feature offers us more freedom from work commitments whenever we’re away from the office.

The new Vacation Mode was discovered by the guys over at WABetaInfo in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iPhones. This means we’ll have to wait a little longer before we see it released to all users. With a lot of other useful WhatsApp features currently at the advanced beta testing stage of development, we should expect a large general update soon.

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