WhatsApp’s 2 Blue Ticks are about to get WAY more Annoying!

WhatsApp’s 2 Blue Ticks are about to get WAY more Annoying!

WhatsApp is rolling out a brand new service designed exclusively for businesses. Ever since Facebook abolished the $0.99 annual subscription charges back in 2014, they’ve been searching for ways to make money from the messaging service that they bought for a huge $22 billion. As they don’t want to start introducing advertising to WhatsApp this new business model could be the answer they’re looking for.

On the WhatsApp blog they tell us that businesses are already using WhatsApp, with some stores able to talk to hundreds of customers from a single smartphone. The problem, however, is that some customers have doubts about the legitimacy of some of the businesses using WhatsApp. The main issue though is that WhatsApp wants its cut too.

2 blue ticks
Why haven’t they answered!!!!

Over the next few months they’re going to start testing out new features like verified business profiles as well as tools designed for small to medium enterprises and all the way up to global corporations.

You think those 2 blue ticks are annoying when they’re on a message you’ve sent a friend, think about how annoying they’ll be when you get them on a message you’ve sent to customer services!

Some big businesses have already signed up to try out the new business features including Royal Dutch Airlines KLM and companies in Brazil, Europe, India and Indonesia. They won’t be getting charged for now but WhatsApp plans on charging businesses, for this new way to contact their customers, in the future. Fortunately for us, however, we’ll have to opt in before they can start lobbing offers into our WhatsApp inbox.

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Via: WhatsApp and Fox Business

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