When you read about this new hacking method, you’ll be afraid to use Facebook and WhatsApp

Investigators specialized in security have discovered that simply contacting someone by WhatsApp or Facebook can reveal the location of their smartphone. This hack is possible if a security breach found in the 4G network is exploited.

When a cell phone connects to the network, it is assigned a temporary number known by the acronym TMSI. This code is made up of eight random numbers. The security breach allows the hacker to access the data behind this code using WhatsApp and Facebook; the hacker sends a contact request and that request becomes the breach.

In this way, the hacker would obtain the cell phone’s location. The hacker would not know the exact whereabouts of their victim: but they would have a zone of two square kilometers within which the owner of the cell phone in question is located.

Now that this security breach has been discovered, we hope it’s fixed as soon as possible.

It’s normal to feel paranoid about using Facebook and WhatsApp but remember, that although these hacking methods look easy to execute on paper, they require time and dedication. For example, in this case radio communications would need to be hacked. That’s not something you achieve in five minutes.

Source: The Telegraph

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