Feid: The artist of the moment who’s capturing hearts with his music

No one knew him... until his voice reached the radios.

Feid: The artist of the moment who’s capturing hearts with his music
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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Colombian reggaeton and cumbia singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Feid sings with an instantly recognizable style. He has composed and recorded with some of the genre’s biggest stars, including Reykon, Nicky Jam and J Balvin.

Feid, real name Salomón Villada Hoyos, was born in Medellín (Colombia) on August 19, 1992, his stage name refers to his belief in his talent; the word translates as “healthy faith” for the singer, which is faith in God and in himself.

Feid’s childhood was saturated with creative activities instilled by his parents. They taught him that art provides the necessary tools to approach reality, and the opportunity to be sensitive in approaching the world.

A late explosion in the world of music

While still a student, he decided to dedicate himself to reggaeton. To do so, he focused his attention on composing songs and recording demos. He wrote compositions for Nicky Jam, Alberto Stylee, Magnate y Valentino, Reykon and J Balvin.

He recorded his own debut single, “Morena”, in 2015. Surprisingly it was a hit on the radio, in videos and in nightclubs throughout Latin America; it boosted his credibility as a songwriter in addition to introducing him as a recording artist.


El party es mas cabrin si tu te sueltas

♬ Yandel 150 – Yandel & Feid

He followed with the independent album “Así Como Suena” and two more singles: “Si Supieras” and “La Repuesta”, and later that year he wrote the J Balvin hit “Ginza”. Produced by René Alejandro Ramírez and David Cano, it reached number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart and was certified multiplatinum.

In 2016 Feid signed a contract with Universal Music and released the single “Que Raro”, with Balvin as a collaborator. It placed 16th on the Tropical Songs chart. In November 2017, he re-recorded “Así Como Suena” from scratch. It included new versions of songs from his 2015 debut, recorded both solo and with guests such as Jory and Nacho.

Following Pandemic, in 2021, Feid returned to touring. In August he released the full-length Inter Shibuya: La Mafia, a 15-track album recorded almost entirely solo. She’s no Rosalia, but she just keeps growing.

The singer is breaking all his records via TikTok, social network where he usually uploads a lot of content fortunately for his fans. And it has been rumored for a year that he is Karol G’s boyfriend, a relationship that is not confirmed.

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