whois queries in your Mac Terminal

tuaw_whois_search_cory_12837918723987.jpgTuaw.com offer up a great tip on how to use the ‘whois’ query in your Mac Terminal. What is it anyways? Using ‘whois’ you get all sorts of information on an IP address , a domain name or a website. It’s a great way to learn who owns what or who is behind the website your visit. It can be useful to check if you’re not visiting a dodgy site or just to learn more about a site out of curiosity.

Generally you can use ‘whois’ simply from any search engine from your browser. There is another slightly more techie way to do it, from the lesser used Mac Terminal. Just open it up from your Utilities in Applications. In the Terminal type whois followed by a space and then the url your searching for. Then all you have to do is press Enter and all the information you’re searching for will show up.

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