Why has Facebook depressed so many people with its latest surprise?

Why has Facebook depressed so many people with its latest surprise?

It’s fair to say that Facebook’s new video surprise that celebrates friendship, has not been bringing users the fondest of memories. As you know, Facebook decided to celebrate its 12th birthday with a personalized, 58-second video for each user, which consisted of a photo slideshow of their families and friends. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

The only problem was that the photos chosen (clearly automatically selected), were not necessarily the ideal choice, as the video below will demonstrates:

Can’t view the video? Click here.

Here are just some of the comments users made on Twitter, which also prove that the video wasn’t exactly sentimental.

“Thanks for the sentiment Facebook but friends day doesn’t really work when I’m not friends with ANY OF THE PEOPLE IN THE PHOTOS ANYMORE!!!!”

“My Facebook friends day video is just sad due to my lack of Facebook interactions. And also just my lack of Friends.”

“Thanks Facebook: the first picture you show me from that Friends Day video is of my dead dog.”

“That friends day video on fb would be cute if my ex weren’t in it multiple times.”

“Just did that ‘happy friends day’ thing on Facebook. It managed to get 3 of my ex’s in the space of about 10 photos. I love you too Facebook.”

“Watched my Facebook Friends Day video! It was mostly people I don’t know in real life and then my friend who died.”

Source: Huffington Post

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