Why Should You Compress Files Using WinRAR

Why Should You Compress Files Using WinRAR

Saving space is increasingly important in today’s data-driven world, and WinRAR is here to help. By downloading WinRAR, you obviously recognize that file compression is important, but do you know how important? Read below to find out just how integral compression is when it comes to storing and sending files!

What is File Compression?

WinRAR and other file compression tools basically take data from a file and group this data. For example, WinRAR may take a phrase like “open the x parameter in order to make it do the y action” and simply turn that into “A”. So, instead of having all of this data having to be parsed through a system, your PC only has to deal with “A”. This ultimately saves space and allows for WinRAR to make files smaller.

Check out this video on how to extract and compress files with WinRAR

The Benefits of Storing Compressed Files

As mentioned, today’s world of technology is driven by data. Whether on your PC, a mobile device, or a server network, data is increasingly important to preserve. The problem is that files keep getting larger, requiring more storage space. Even simple picture files can reach into the gigabytes when taken with a professional camera. In the past, such files might have only been a few megabytes at most. When you compress a file, you don’t lose any details because the file can also be decompressed using WinRAR, allowing you more storage space on your hard drive, mobile device, or on a server.

In addition, storage and sending/receiving limits are still fairly stringent when it comes to email services. Many only allow you to send files that are about 10mb in size at a time, meaning compression is all the more valuable. If you’re trying to send large documents at once, compressing them all into an archive using WinRAR can be very helpful in ensuring that you get what you need sent where you need it to be sent.

Compression Doesn’t Always Work

Now, while compressing files and folders does reduce the size, it isn’t going to be a fix for every large file or folder. For example, if you have an application that is four gigabytes in size, you’re not going to be able to compress that file down to a few hundred megabytes. Compression is meant to serve as a solution for those who need to get file sizes down to their lowest points, but compression technology is currently unable to achieve miracles. As long as you approach file compression with the right understanding of its purpose and value, you’ll benefit tremendously.

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