Why still no Kindle software for Mac Amazon?

Why still no Kindle software for Mac Amazon?

Amazon Kindle 2Mac users are used to being last in the queue when it comes to software releases. Well, maybe we’re not quite as hard done by as Linux users, but you know what I mean.

We grudgingly accept that Windows still dominates the market and usually, we’re happy to wait just a little bit longer if it means we don’t have to use anything made by Microsoft.

However, when it comes to three and a half years after the release of a piece of hardware, our patience starts to wear thin.

In this case its the Amazon Kindle, first released in the USA in November 2007. Today, Mac users still have to sign-up for notification when Kindle software will be released on Macs. This is crazy when you consider its already available on PC, iPhone and BlackBerry.

It’s also all the more strange for three very good reasons:

  • The release of the iPad: You’d think that Amazon would at least be in a rush to get a foothold in the e-book market before Mac users start flocking to Apple’s latest invention.
  • Kindles basically run Linux: From a technical standpoint, other than Linux, Macs should be the easiest platform to develop Kindle software. As Chris Dannen points out at Fast Company, Kindles basically run Linux and Java applications.
  • Mac users are generally early adopters: Not afraid of splashing-out cash for something that actually works properly and looks good, Mac users are often the most eager to try new gizmos and gadgets, even those that aren’t made by Apple.

Amazon haven’t done themselves any favors either in embracing developers on this issues. By all accounts, developers have had the doors shut in their faces whenever they’ve tried to approach them about developing third-party software for the Kindle. For now, Mac users will have to do with one paltry screenshot of how Kindle for Mac will look:

Kindle for Mac screenshot

By the looks of it, it might be nothing to get excited about anyway. As Jon pointed out, if it’s anything like the Windows version which offers little of the functionality of the Kindle itself, it will be disappointing. And more to the point, if you’ve got a Kindle, do you really need to read a book on your Mac anyway?

Well, if you insist, you can always try Stanza.

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