Why the latest Windows 10 Update is called the Creators Update

Why the latest Windows 10 Update is called the Creators Update

The newest Microsoft Windows 10 Update has rolled out to all Windows 10 users. Microsoft is calling it the Creators Update, and if you’re wondering why they have such a moniker for their newest OS update, the answer is simpler than you think. If you believe what Microsoft tell you then you’ll believe that this update is geared towards creators. In a way this is true.

Although Windows 10’s newest update is quite broad and will affect many different aspects of the Microsoft operating system the biggest additions it will bring will be good news for artists, via Paint 3D, and gamers via a dedicated “Game Mode”. As well as regular old gamers the addition also gives a huge boost to creators of gaming related content via a new feature called Beam.

Paint 3D

Why the latest Windows 10 Update is called the Creators Update paint 3d

Paint 3D is exactly what you think it is. It is a 3D version of Microsoft Paint that is fun to use and easy to get the hang of. It won’t replace Photoshop but it runs really nicely and, in a feature we expect to see used extensively in schools, you can print off your 3D creations if you have access to a 3D printer.


Why the latest Windows 10 Update is called the Creators Update beam

Beam is an in-built alternative to Twitch, which allows gamers to broadcast their gameplay without having to run a third party app. On top of Beam, Windows 10 will have its very own “Game Mode” which automatically makes your machine work as well as it can for the game that you’re playing. All in all this means Beam will offer a lag free experience for content creators. Beam will also be available on Xbox enabling crossover viewing between the two gaming platforms.

Best of the Rest

Everything else gets minor tweaks. The Windows 10 web browser, Edge, gets an improved tab system that allows you to view thumbnails of your open tabs and save groups of tabs for later use. Maps gets a nice update if you’re using a touchscreen device that’ll allow you to draw out roots and then have the distance calculated.

Microsoft have stated that they want Windows 10 to be a constantly evolving operating system rather than a finished product that only receives minor tweaks. Although the Creators update is classed as the 3rd major update the OS has received it keeps with this philosophy. It doesn’t mess with the basics but adds new features to an already solid operating system. As to whether The Creators update title is grounded in the tweaks made to make certain creative people’s lives easier or is more a marketing ploy aimed at the Apple users Microsoft have in their sights is for you to decide.

The Microsoft 10 Creators Update rolls out on April 11 and you can get all the info you could possibly need about it here.

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