Why you should switch to Opera Mobile 9.5

Why you should switch to Opera Mobile 9.5

Change the way you browse on your mobileThe Web has always been notoriously difficult to get at on a mobile device. Fiddly controls, slow connection times, and terrible support for the latest online technologies and standards have made getting onto the Web from your phone or PDA a tiresome experience. Things are changing though, as anyone who has used the gorgeous iPhone browser will testify. But what about those of us still clinging to our Pocket PCs? Well there’s good news, because, from today, browsing the Web on Windows Mobile has got a whole lot more exciting, following the release of the first Beta version of Opera Mobile 9.5.

The previous version, Opera Mobile 8.5 already has something of a cult following among tech-savvy mobile users, but this latest release shows that it has enough to wow the mainstream. Once you’ve tried it, I guarantee you’ll never go back to the lumbering old beast that is IE which, unfortunately, comes bundled with every Windows Mobile handset. You can read my full review of Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta here, but here is an overview of what you’re missing out on if you don’t install it:

  • Super-fast Web browsing – Opera has always been a browser synonymous with speed, even going back to its early days as a Windows desktop app. Opera Mobile 9.5 loads pages even faster than its previous incarnation, completely wiping the floor with Internet Explorer – despite the fact that it’s been crammed with even more features than before.
  • Genuinely useful features – Far from throwing in a load of gimmicky but ultimately not very useful tools into its new mobile browser, it seems that Opera has been careful to include only things that will genuinely revolutionize your mobile Internet experience. So gems such as tabbed browsing, password management, page saving, auto-complete addresses, and content sharing via SMS now come as standard.
  • Simple to use – Accessing the Web with Opera is much easier than ever, and the latest version finally gives those folk without an iPhone the chance to get excited about browsing the Web from their mobile. The user interface manages to be subtle yet practical, with large, touch-friendly icons, and quick-click access to many features. Plus, the new double-click page-zooming feature is simply irresistible.
  • Far-reaching support for current Web standards – Boasting the claim of being ‘the most standards-compliant mobile browser available’, Opera Mobile 9.5 really ups the bar in terms of bringing compliance to the small screen. Support for the latest web technologies such as Ajax, Flash Lite and JavaScript can only enhance the credibility of this quite incredible browser.

Alternative download link:
Opera Mobile 9.5 on Softonic

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