Widgets to prepare for the recession

Cyril Roger


stock market tickerThe world is going through a tough economic period: rising inflation, high unemployment, crises in the housing and banking sectors, oil prices running high….things are looking pretty bleak this year and aren’t expected to get any better for some time. While the US economy isn’t officially in a recession, at least not yet, it is expected to stagnate this year. What is it you can do to prepare for an eventual recession? The best I can do is suggest a few widgets to help you monitor your stock and news on your Mac. At least you won’t be surprised if a real crisis hits.

  • iStocks Widget – View stock on all world markets. Includes a graph view expendable from a day to 2 years.
  • Google Adsense Widget – Money not coming in from your other sources of income? Check how much you’re still making online daily on your Google Adsense account.
  • Currency Converter – Worried about fluctuating currency rates? Use this widget to compare the best rates and avoid losing out when converting money.
  • Gas – Oil prices have gone up drastically in recent years. With this widget you can find the cheapest gas station near you.
  • iActu USA – Keep an eye on the news at all times so you can be informed in case a disaster strikes.
  • WagerWidget – Your last chance of saving yourself my just go by betting the last of your savings over your favorite sports team.
  • AirCompare – Can’t stand the pessimism? Find yourself a cheap flight and runaway to an exotic location until the economy gets better.

And if you have a portable device check out our post on pocket apps to monitor your stock.

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