Will there be a GTA V announcement on April 29th?

The recently released GTA V screensaver for Scientology parody religion Epsilon Program apparently expires 10am PST on April 29th. This has led people to think Rockstar is planning an announcement then, or possibly a new trailer.

As well as the expiry date of the Epsilon Program screen saver, the Twitter feed for the group also pointed to April 29th, saying, ‘directions will be provided in one week’s time’ on April 22.

Grand Theft Auto V announcement April 29th?

There was also a rumored live-action advert for the game. Photos were posted on Reddit from a user in Mexico, who had obviously seen an ad shoot in progress, and a GTA V poster could be seen in the background. However, it turned out that the shoot was actually for a Sony advertisement, possibly for screening at E3. Rockstar has not made a live action advert for a decade.

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