Will Windows 8.1 allow booting directly to desktop?

Will Windows 8.1 allow booting directly to desktop?

Microsoft may be giving Windows 8 users the option to skip the Modern UI start screen, and go straight to the traditional desktop in the upcoming Windows 8.1 (or Blue).

Code discovered in a leaked build of Windows 8.1 contains the the phrase ‘CanSuppressStartScreen’ in the file ‘twinui.dll’. However, there is no user-interface option to enable boot to desktop in that build. According to The Verge, Microsoft is indeed planning to bring such a functionality to Windows 8 in the future, which may explain why the code is already there.

An image of the file from Russian website Microsoft Portal has been taken down, but the same information has been discovered by users on the mydigitallife forum.  Currently we cannot confirm if this really is an option to boot straight to the traditional desktop or not.

This feature has been widely called for by users who prefer to work in the older Windows environment instead of the Modern UI, so it is likely to be something Microsoft is considering.

Windows 8.1 is expected in public beta form in June, and final release in August or September.

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