Will WWE 2K23 Finally be Released in March 2023?!

Will WWE 2K23 Finally be Released in March 2023?!
Carol Vanzyl

Carol Vanzyl

WWE 2K23 fans are waiting in anticipation for 2K Games to reveal the release date of the wrestling simulation game. With a two-year gap between the previous games, WWE 2K20 and 22, the launch is expected to happen in March 2023. But everyone has been kept in the dark by the makers.


What to Expect

WWE 2K20 was in a disaster class, and it made sense that 2K needed to commit vast improvements if they wanted the best wrestling simulation game, and with the success of WWE 2K22, the bar has been raised for WWE 2K23.

Wrestling game fans should have a good 2023 as AEW Fight Forever is also expected to launch this year. No wonder the makers of WWE 2K23 will ensure that the entire package receives improvements. With many of the superstars returning to the scene, players will also see a different roster.

2K23 might release in March!

As can be expected with each new WWE game, the gameplay enhancements are a given. Another new feature for the WWE franchise is My Faction, the collectible card mode, which is seen as a game-changer in the market. Fans can look forward to new match stipulations, smoother matches, and better graphics.

The excitement is high for WWE 2K23 to be available in-store. And we all know that it will be unavoidable to compare with AEW Fight Forever. 

WWE 2K22 players enjoyed playing this game across platforms such as Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and PS5, and expect that WWE 2K23 will be available for all current-gen consoles and more likely last-gen ports.

2K23 might release in March!

Expect matches with powerful punches, breakers, blocks, dodges, realistic physics, animations, and all those energetic moves you’ve come to know and love. If they incorporated most of the requested features, expect interesting AI, shareable rosters, and custom entrances.

The new roster is a mystery to all but what we do know is that the following wrestlers, unfortunately, won’t make a comeback:

  • Tony Storm
  • glow moon
  • William Regal
  • Samoa Joe
  • Murphy
  • Kyle O’Reilly
  • Keith Lee
  • Jeff Hardy
  • JakeRoberts
  • Isiah Scott
  • Caesar
  • Ariya Daivari

WWE games are most enjoyable in multiplayer, and without a doubt, WWE 2K23 will feature a robust online suite. The hope, however, is that crossplay is fixed, which wasn’t available in WWE 2K22.

Carol Vanzyl

Carol Vanzyl

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