Will you change your Facebook profile picture after reading this?

It’s no secret that many managers and recruiters nowadays use Facebook to investigate the candidates applying for jobs in their companies. They’re even known to make their final decision based on the candidate’s profile photo, or at least that’s what a recent study is claiming.

The research was conducted at Ghent University in Belgium by Professor Stijn Baert who comments: “The candidate with the most favorable Facebook profile picture received approximately 21% more positive responses to his application in comparison to the candidate with the least favorable profile picture.

He also added: “”The difference in the chance to be immediately invited to a job interview amounted to almost 40 per cent.

Here you can see an example of the study:

These two profile pictures:
have a much higher chance of getting employed than these two:
So what’s the key? Try to look approachable, stable, outgoing and open, and sure, why not, attractive.
Will you change your profile photo after reading this?

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