Win 10 free copies of McAfee Total Protection

If you’ve read Jon’s review of McAfee Total Protection, you’ll know that it’s an all-in-one anti-virus suite that’s packed with tools and scan options. This makes it a really flexible piece of weaponry to have in your malware armor. To get the weekend off on the right foot, we’ve get 10 fabulous free licenses for McAfee Total Protection to give away.

How to win a free license

It’s the weekend. You’re probably tired after a long week, or you’ve eaten so much turkey and pumpkin pie that you simply can’t get off the sofa. We’re not going to make this difficult for you. In order to win one of our free McAfee licences, simply tell us:

How many computers can you install McAfee Total Protection on?

You can find the answer here. Just send the correct answer to, and Softonic will contact you to give you your free license. Good luck!

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