Windows 10 now crystal clear with how updates improve your system

Windows 10 now crystal clear with how updates improve your system

One of the many problems that Windows 10 has had, is that every time you update the system, it doesn’t clearly indicate what exactly has been improved. This creates a certain distrust for the user, which let’s be honest, is not good for any brand.

Luckily, this has all changed, and now every time you receive an update, Windows goes into great detail of the  that have been made, and how your system has been improved.

The changelog (the list of improvements) for Windows 10 is now available on the Microsoft Support page. From now on, after each update, Windows 10 will explain exactly what’s going on.

Below you will see the most recent list of improvements (logged on February 9th, 2016)

-Fixed issues with authentication, update installation, and operating system installation.

-Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing.

-Fixed issue that didn’t allow simultaneous install of apps from the Windows Store and updates from Windows Update.

-Fixed issue that delayed the availability of songs added to the Groove Music app in Windows 10 Mobile.

-Improved security in the Windows kernel.

-Fixed security issues that could allow remote code execution when malware is run on a target system.

-Fixed security issues in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 that could allow code from a malicious website to be installed and run on a device.

-Fixed additional issues with the Windows UX, Windows 10 Mobile, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and taskbar.

-Fixed additional security issues with .NET Framework, Windows Journal, Active Directory Federation Services, NPS Radius Server, kernel-mode drivers, and WebDAV.

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