Windows 10: What will the “Threshold 2” update bring?

Windows 10: What will the “Threshold 2” update bring?

After more than three months on the market, today marks the launch of Windows 10 first big update, known as Threshold 2. It will benefit more than 110 million computers and other devices that have Microsoft’s new operating system installed.

This update, which will be automatically installed after approval, brings some changes and improvements. In addition, if you’re still using Windows 7 or 8.1 and decide to upgrade to Windows 10, Threshold 2 will be included.

Here are the key changes coming with the update.

Interface Changes

Threshold 2 brings with it a number of improvements that were planned for the original release but never made it in. Thus, Windows 10 will have new desktop colors and themes designed specifically for Windows 10.

In addition, the tile limit has been increased from 512 to 2048. And you will be able to see more tiles at once, because you can add a fourth column to the start menu.

Finally, improved visibility and size of contextual menus… Usability = power!

Cortana, is bigger and better

Cortana comes with a few upgrades. The most talked about is how she can now recognize hand written notes, ideal for quickly storing phone numbers or addresses.

Improved Edge

The default Windows 10 browser is getting general stability improvements and some new features. For example, you can finally synchronize passwords, users, favorites, and playlists with all your Windows account, so you can move between Windows 10 devices – such as Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox One – effortlessly.

Full Skype integration

The latest version of Skype debuts with this update, bringing full integration of messaging and video. This will let you can send messages, record audio, or make video calls from inside apps, without having to launch the full version of Skype.

Did we miss anything?

Of course these new features are useful, but Microsoft still has much to improve in Windows 10. For example, we look forward to the arrival of extensions to Microsoft Edge, scheduled for 2016.

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