Windows 10 will launch their first big update in November: Threshold 2

Microsoft will launch Windows 10’s first big update at the start of November. The Windows 10 Fall Update has been codenamed Threshold 2, and is expected to be released on the first week of November. It will include many of the improvements that we’ve seen in the Windows Insider program builds.

The update will also include improvements or features that were supposed to be included at launch of Windows 10, but were delayed for various reasons.

Windows 10 Fall Update will be the default version once it’s released. Any Windows 10 device bought after November will have this version and the previous versions will disappear forever.

The update will arrive both as a digital Service Pack, and in a CD format, like in old times. How do you get this update onto your machine? Nothing. The update will be downloaded automatically.

What else will be in the update? Cortana will have better local integration (you will, for example, be able to ask Cortana to book you a taxi). Skype will also be better integrated, the Edge web browser will be optimized, etc… Expect only tiny refinements, not something revolutionary – for now.

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