Windows 10’s most iconic feature is about to change forever

Windows 10’s most iconic feature is about to change forever

Possibly the most important element of Windows 10 (or any version for that matter) is set to receive a big change this summer, and it may leave some users feeling somewhat uneasy. We are of course referring to the Start menu.

Microsoft is currently preparing an important update for Windows 10 called the “Anniversary Update”, which will commemorate the operating system’s first year of life. One of the novelties that will be addressed during this update will be the Start menu, which will eventually (and hopefully) enable the user to access all applications with fewer movements and clicks. One of these small changes will include the “hamburger menu” interface that should hopefully make app navigation a lot more efficient and user-friendly.

As you can see from the screenshot above of the most-used application menu, you will be able to click a new “hamburger” icon, which will display a full menu containing all shortcuts. For now, you can only access the most-used applications and just a few shortcuts. This new menu is supposedly set to contain everything – and we mean EVERYTHING!

Microsoft believes that its users are going to really enjoy what this new interface has to offer, in terms of comfortability and efficiency. It hasn’t yet confirmed if users will have the option to choose between the old and the new menu. which seems to be upsetting some Windows user who fear the change may be irreversible. Let’s see what the summer has in store!

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